TRS600/12 Automatic Strapping Arch Machine

TRS600/12 Automatic Strapping Arch Machine

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Automatic Strapping Arch Machine

The TRS600 Automatic machine is designed for strapping high volumes of cartons and packages.

850mm x 600mm Arch

Simply place the pack under the arch - at the press of a button the machine automatically straps the pack.
The TRS600 is capable of up to 27 straps per minute providing an efficient solution to your strapping needs. 

The main features are external control to suit pack application and a short feed sensor to prevent mis-feeds. 

A range of arch sizes are available to suit your application.

Dimensions - 1430mm ( w ) x 620mm ( d ) x 1540mm ( h )
Tension - 10-70kgs

Strap width - 9mm - 12mm - 15.5mm

Strapping speed - 2.2 seconds / cycle (60Hz)
Power supply - 230v / 50Hz
Weight - 220kg


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