AS400 Semi Automatic Strapping Machine

AS400 Semi Automatic Strapping Machine

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Stainless Steel Strapping Machine

Side Seal Semi Automatic

The AS400 is based on the reliable TMS300 machine design, manufactured in a stainless steel cabinet with a side sealing function for applications such as marine environments, horticultural and timber packs, where water or debris from the pack would cause damage or corrosion to the mechanism of a standard semi automatic strapping machine.
Dimensions - 675mm ( w ) x 1045mm ( d ) x 1625mm ( h )
Tension - 15-45kgs
Strap width - 6mm - 15.5mm
Strapping speed - 2.5 seconds / cycle (60Hz)
Power supply - 240v 50/60Hz
Power consumption - 0.25kw
Weight - 125kg


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