Rol2RD Pre-inked Plastic Inks Roll Red 56mm

Rol2RD Pre-inked Plastic Inks Roll Red 56mm

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Pre-inked Roll ( RX )


Impregnated with ink

56mm x 63.5mm x 25.4mm

WIDTH = 56mm

DIA = 63.5mm

CENTER DIA = 25.4mm

They come in a pack of 7 per tube.

Pre-inked rolls are quickly placed on the Codapack, Rollerpack, Hand Roller printer to get a dense quality print on to porous surfaces such as cartons, trays, wood, and paper sacks.

The Plastic-Ink is a plastic micro-porous ink roller through which ink is injected. The ink roller adapts to varied uses and applications: different dimensions, manual or automatic printing, rapid or slow printing.
Inking through the ink roller remains constant. The capillarity of the ink roller ensures that the ink does not accumulate at the bottom of the pad (unlike pads made of felt, fibre or foam).
The Plastic-Ink is particularly suited to printing on porous material (paper, cardboard, wood, etc.) on which it dries up instantly through absorption.
It also presents a number of other advantages:
Mounting on all printing apparatus
Excellent results in any position – vertical or horizontal, for printing on sides, on top or on the bottom of packaging.
 No handling liquid inks (always a delicate process).
This of course depends on the use – size of text, printing material, printing speed, ink roller dimension, etc…. No evaporation.
The Plastic-Ink does not dry up even during long periods of non-use, and is immediately ready-to-use when production is resumed.
No ink spill or spatter due to centrifugal force during rotation.
No soiling or staining of the characters.
A clean cloth dipped in Nettol or Aeronet (spray) is used for cleaning.

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