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Registered office address only, please contact us for warehouse deliveries and collections.

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Coronavirus (COVID-19)

We are still open for online business, supplying hospital trusts, medical and food manufacturing. Our normal delivery times may be subject to change. Please take care and stay safe.


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We export and supply customers in 25 countries worldwide.


Products Page 1  - Heat Sealing, Heat Sealing UK, Portable Heat Sealers, Bag Heat Sealers, Industrial Bag Sealers, Stainless Steel Heat Sealers, Hacona Heat Sealers, Proseal Sealers, Pronto, Hulme Martin Heat Sealers, Constant Heat Sealers, Plastic Bag Sealers, Star Heat Sealers, Vacuum Heat Sealers, Vacuum Chamber Machines, Audion, TPS Poly Sealers, Sealing Tongs, Medical Heat Sealers, Rotary Band Sealers, Continuous Band Sealers, Pouch Tube Sealers, Gantry Sealers, L Sealers, Shrink Tunnels, Heat Shrink Chambers.


Products Page 2  -  Warehouse Packaging, Pallet Wrapping, Gas Shrink Tools, Pallet Wrap, Carton Sealing, Kraftek Edge Boards, Semi Automatic Strapping Machine, Strapping Machinery, Machine Strapping, Hand Strapping, Strapping Seals, Shrink Films, Twine, String, Woven Polyester Cord, Clips, Case Tapers, Tapes, Tamper Evident Tapes, Warning Tapes, Printed Tapes, Kraft Paper, Marcwell Lane Marking Tapes, Masking Tape, Anti-Fatique Safety Mats, Taping Machines, Transtarp, Plastic Pallets.

Products Page 3  -  Foscott Coding, Anser U2 Inkjet Coding, Stencil Sprays, Ink Rollers, Pre-inked Rollers, Mohair Heads, Stencil Sets, Stencil Machines, Sauven, Codamark, Codaprint, Baselock Rubber Type, Baselock Characters, TC Pneumatic Printers, Product Printing, Thermal Transfer Ribbon, Rollerpack, Rollerprint, Rollerflex, Hand Roller Print, Marking, Needham Inks, Metal Markers, Lane Marking.

Products Page 4  -  Overwrapping machinery, Simplicity, Mantle, Tray Sealing, L Sealing, Skin Packing, Sleeve Sealing Machinery, Shrink Tunnels.

Products Page 5  -  Spares, PTFE Barrier Tapes, Heat Sealer Spares Kits, Element Wires, Alloy Wires, L Sealer spares, Flat Element Wire, Round Element Cutting Wire, Hacona Spares, Simplicity overwrapper spares, John Quinn EDL Spares, Hulme Martin Spares, Star Spares, EDL Spares, Ripack Gas Tool Spares, Sleeve Sealer Spares, PTFE Barrier Tapes, Heat Sealer Spares Kits, Element Wires, Alloy Wires, L Sealer spares, Flat Element Wire, Round Element Cutting Wire, Proseal Spares, Simplicity overwrapper spares

Products Page 6 - Covid-19, WTS1 Employee Welfare Testing Station, WTS1M Hand-Held Infrared Thermometer, FLRSTICK01 Advisory Keep Your Distance Floor Sticker, FLRSTICK02 Advisory Arrow Floor Sticker, ST50Y Safe Distance Tape, SANSTATION Pacplan Hand Sanitising Station, ES1 Employee Protection Shield, CSS03 Sneeze Screen, CSS04 Sneeze Screen,


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