FP10-Ultra-FM Filma® Pallet Wrapper

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Filma® Pallet Wrapper

With mechanical brake on shaft.


Film carriage with Mechanical brake on the film roll shaft

Standard cross wrapping cycle.

Separate timers for top and bottom wrap settings.

Electronic control box with digital keyboard.

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Technical Characteristics

Turntable diameter : 1500mm.
Turntable rotating speed : 10 rpm.
Max loading capacity : 1500 kg.
Max pallet dimensions : 1200 x 1200 x 2000/2450 mm.
Max height of film roll : 500 mm.
Max diameter of the film roll : 300 mm.
Photocell for the automatic pallet height detection.
Electronic control box ( programmed microprocessor ) with digital keyboard.
Traditional cross wrapping cycle.
Wrapping cycle with reinforcing wraps ( manual control / positioning ).
Separate timer for the bottom and top wrap setting.
Reset button for the repositioning of the film carriage.
Mechanical clutch for the regulation of film tension.
Film carriage with chain transmisson .
Mast with hinge facility for a very easy and quick installation.
Standard electric setting : 380 v - 50 cycles  3 phase.
Installed power : 0.4 kw.
Total weight of the machine : 360 kg.

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