FRD900-HSS Rotary Band Heat Sealer

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Rotary Band Heat Sealer


Horizontal Heat - Sealing Model


Continuous high-speed bag sealing system.


Bag Sealer, Industrial Bag Sealer, Continuous Band Sealer, Foil / laminate pouch sealer.


Rust-inhibiting Stainless-Steel construction.


Extremely easy to use


Non-stick woven PTFE-type guide belts.


Makes strong,  professional-looking airtight seals like those made by costly high-speed automatic systems.


Seals thermoplastic materials including Polyethylene (PE),  Polypropylene (PP), BoPET (ie. Mylar), and heat-sealable laminations and cellulose (ie. Cellophane).


Includes motorized belt conveyor with synchronized speed adjustment.


Adjustable conveyor for

up – down / in - out  


Conveyor Width 6 inches.

Equipped with electronic adjustable speed control.

Adjustable 2-Way pulley system for optimal bag stability.


Equipped with bag entry guide for easy bag feeding and straight seals.

Extended forced-air cooling system with extra-wide cooling bars and 6 heat transfer orifices.

Knurled pressure rollers with variable pressure adjustment.

Sealing method: constant heat.

Single pair of brass sealing bars.

Control panel includes E-Stop (industrial quick-stop switch).


Digital Control


12mm Wide seal dimple heat seal effect.


Horizontal operation.


Equipped with PID digital temperature controller, for bag materials that require very precise sealing parameters.

PID Digital Temperature Controller: 0 - 300°C (572°F) with dual alphanumeric displays

(target & current temperature)



Voltage = 220v

Power = 500w

Sealing speed = 0-12m/min

Sealing width = 6-12mm

Temperature range = 0-300°C

Max. conveyor loading = 3kgs

Machine weight 19kg

Machine size = 850mm x 400mm x 310mm



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