TW45 White epoxy painted finish.Overwrapper.

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Mantle Hand Tray Stretch Over- wrapper

White epoxy painted finish.


For use with food grade stretch films.


These simple to use hand stretch wrap machines incorporate two support rollers for the stretch film to be used and a stainless steel support bridge that allows the film to pass under the product to be wrapped. The electric console features a constantly heated, low voltage cutting wire to cut the film before sealing the bottom of the tray on the stainless steel hot plate. The hotplate features adjustable temperature settings.

Stretch films are available in various widths to suit the product to be wrapped, including meat products, vegetables, fish and fruit.


The model TW45 hand stretch wrap machine is a white powder epoxy painted machine.


Choice of easy clean white epoxy paint or stainless steel finish.

Twin roller film holders with adjustable brake.

Quick change cutting wire.

Accepts stretch films up to 450mm wide.

Machine dimensions – 660mm x 510mm

Electric - 240v

Weight – 10kg

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