Hacona® VT-Head Vacuum Sealer Control Head

Hacona® VT-Head Vacuum Sealer Control Head

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Hacona® V-TYPE Control Head

Hacona industrial impulse heat sealers are a high quality product designed for high production volumes.

This innovative system comprises a single industrial bag sealing unit with five interchangeable sealing bar widths - 420,620, 820, 1020 and 1320 mm 

Modular Sealing Bag (MSB) technology is an innovation developed by Hacona which enables the sealing bar width to be changed within two minutes.

All temperature, time and closing pressure settings automatically adjust to compensate for the change in width.

The V-Type industrial sealing machine is designed for heavy duty applications.

Due to the very high closing pressure of the heat sealing bars, a perfect bag sealquality can be achieved.

The industrial sealing width is 8 mm.

The sealing bars close pneumatically and assures a constant pressure over the complete sealing length.

Control unit for the V-Type vacuum impulse heat sealing system

​Control head only

Requires additional interchangeable 420 - 1320mm sealing bars (sold separately)

Features pre-seal air evacuation and gas flushing for electronics and pharmaceutical industries

Automatic, foot pedal or manual operation

Bi-active upper and lower sealing (both seal bars are heated)

Sensor-activated ejector vacuum pump with vacuum filter

Water discharge system

Separate incremental adjustment of primary and secondary evacuation pressures, gas flushing time and sealing/cooling times

Pneumatic sealing bar closure

5.7" colour LCD touch screen control wwith user-friendly multilingual menu

Compatible with any thermo-sealable laminated products including PET/paper/PE and PET/aluminium/PE

Power Supply 230V 50hZ

Maximum delivered air pressure 8 bar

Refer to VT420 - VT1320 Sealing bars for total dimensions and weights

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