FRD900-HSSE Rotary Band Heat Sealer

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Rotary Band Heat Sealer

Horizontal Heat - Sealing and Emboss Coding Model


Continuous high-speed bag sealing system with steel wheel coding embossing unit .

Bag Sealer, Industrial Bag Sealer, Continuous Band Sealer, Foil / laminate pouch sealer.

Rust-inhibiting Stainless-Steel construction.


Extremely easy to use


Non-stick woven PTFE-type guide belts.

Makes strong,  professional-looking airtight seals like those made by costly high-speed automatic systems.

Seals thermoplastic materials including Polyethylene (PE),  Polypropylene (PP), BoPET (ie. Mylar), and heat-sealable laminations and cellulose (ie. Cellophane).

Includes motorized belt conveyor with synchronized speed adjustment.

Adjustable conveyor for

up – down / in - out 

Conveyor Width 6 inches.

Equipped with electronic adjustable speed control.

Adjustable 2-Way pulley system for optimal bag stability and embossing clarity.

Equipped with bag entry guide for easy bag feeding and straight seals.

Extended forced-air cooling system with extra-wide cooling bars and 6 heat transfer orifices.

Knurled pressure rollers with variable pressure adjustment.

Sealing method: constant heat.

Single pair of brass sealing bars

Embossed coding / printing sample into the seal

Maximum 15 charactors per print section.

Continuous printing wheel - print repeats every 5mm

Total length of print = 48mm

Height of print = 5mm

Fitted with embossing print / coding wheel

Supplied with a standard number / letter set.

12mm Wide seal

Equipped with PID digital temperature controller, for bag materials that require very precise sealing parameters.

PID Digital Temperature Controller: 0 - 300°C (572°F) with dual alphanumeric displays

(target & current temperature)

Control panel includes E-Stop (industrial quick-stop switch).

Horizontal operation.


Voltage = 220v

Power = 500w

Sealing speed = 0-12m/min

Sealing width = 6-12mm

Temperature range = 0-300°C

Max. conveyor loading = 3kgs

Machine weight 19kg

Machine size = 850mm x 400mm x 310mm

Printing = Steel wheel embossing unit - Brass embossing charactor set.

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